Our Job?
Your operational safety 

Work equipment, machinery and installations in workplaces are stressed, worn and sometimes damaged during their use. This can lead to technical problems as well as an increased risk of accidents. Regular inspections of protective devices, brakes and steering of vehicles, spring fracture safety devices of sectional doors, sensors, contact strips and light barriers of machines, the closing force of power-operated doors, etc., not only ensure safe use of machines, work equipment and plants, but also increase the service life and reliability of machines, work equipment and plants.

CE declaration of conformity

A document required by law

We support you with the conformity assessment process according to EU directives such as the Machinery Directive, Low Voltage Directive and EMC Directive.

The performance of a conformity assessment procedure is a prerequisite for the CE marking of a product. Which procedure is permissible is specified in the CE regulations applicable to the product in question.

Technical documentation

Efficient & compliant with standards

Technical documentation is a very important part of a product (machine, plant, etc.). It includes all documents and information that, for example, describe your cranes, gates, lifting platforms, industrial robots or milling machines in detail and explain their use and functionality. This makes installation, use, maintenance or repair much easier. MECHATRONIK AUSTRIA takes full care of this for you.

Recurring inspections

We test for your safety

The aim of the recurring inspection is to maintain the proper condition of machines, plants or technical equipment and generally to ensure operational safety.

The inspection obligations are regulated in the Employee Protection Act (ASchG), the Work Equipment Ordinance (AM-VO) and the Electrical Protection Ordinance (ESV) and are mandatory for all companies.

  • Electrical installations and equipment
  • Lightning protection systems
  • Emergency lighting
  • Motor-powered doors and gates
  • Lifting platforms and lifting tables
  • Forklift trucks
  • Cranes and accessories
  • Fall protection
  • Restraints and harnesses
    E-charging stations
  • And much more …

Risk analyses

Ensuring the risk for you remains manageable

MECHATRONIK AUSTRIA implements individual analyses for your company in the field of electrical and mechanical engineering.

The risk assessment includes the determination of the probability of occurrence as well as the possible amount of damage and follows a structured approach to classify the risk. The assessment reveals the factors that have a positive or negative influence on the risk. The higher the probability and the possible amount of damage, the more the project is at risk and must be radically redesigned. The evaluation is carried out with calibrated concepts and tools such as FMEA and defect construction analyses.

Safety measurements

It’s good to trust, but it’s better to be sure.

We carry out all kinds of mechatronics measurements for you with certified measuring devices and record them.

  • Earthing measurements e.g. for snow making systems, construction power distribution, etc.
  • Performance measurements
  • Loop impedance measurements in the installation area
  • FI measurements (tripping time, tripping current, etc.)
  • Measurements on mobile electrical equipment according to ÖVE E8001, ESV 2012
  • Insulation measurements
  • Lux measurements
  • Leakage current measurements
  • Sound measurements
  • Pollutant measurements
  • Volumetric flow measurements
  • E-charging stations

Expert opinion & Reports

By experts sworn in by the state

Our experienced experts analyse and inspect your machines and  equipment.  This will provide you with objective arguments, offering a secure basis for negotiations and matters of dispute.

  • Expert opinion to serve as evidence
  • Expert report on damages
  • Documentation for approval of factory equipment
  • Estimate of the entire production facilities and plant components
  • Implementation of Due Diligence and assessment of entire companies